Nazhoen Lamtoen came across many children in difficult circumstances, during the Nationwide sensitizing awareness on suicide prevention and ill effect of substance use, funded by Save the Children, Bhutan Country office in 2014.

The Child in Difficult Circumstances” as a child who:

  • Is found without having any home or settled place of abode and without any ostensible means of subsistence and is destitute,
  • Has a parent or guardian who is unfit or incapacitated to take care of or exercise control over the child,
  • Is found to associate with any person who leads an immoral, drunken or depraved life,
  • Is being or likely to be abused or exploited for immoral or illegal purposes or
  • Is a frequent victim at the hands of individuals, families or the community,
  • Families of children in financial crisis,
  • Child laborers working in the unorganized and organized sectors,
  • Children especially girls working as domestic help,
  • Children who are victims of substance abuse,
  • Missing and runaway children who need emergency shelter care and counseling,
  • Children victims of trafficking,
  • Children affected by conflicts/disasters,
  • Children subject to stigmatization by society (disabilities, affected by HIV),
  • Children in need of counseling: legal or emotional support and advice.

Nazhoen Lamtoen conducts a Rapid situation assessment survey each year targeting 5 Districts in finding children in difficult circumstances. In 2018 survey traced out 459 children who fall in difficult circumstances form Thimphu, Paro, Monggar, Chukha, and Zhemgang. In total 68 children were supported with long term sustainable business initiatives for the best interest of the child.  The business includes such as grocery, weaving, vendor, door to door sales and many more. The micro-business not only supports them but also makes their future secure for the child’s welfare.

74 years old women weaving for her grand childrens.

Deki Yangzom 14/F and Ugyen Tempa 10/M are currently staying with their grandmother who is 74 years old as their mother is expired and father has been abandoned since the birth of younger child. They reside in a hut, owned by others. Their food and other basic need’s and wants are being supported by volunteers and good self volunteers. They totally really on donation and charity. Ugyen is physically disabled and has 2 elder sister ( 14 and 18) family with no financial support, and they are some times helped by a different volunteer group and religious we chat groups supporting with minimal ration and clothes.

As their grand mother is too old to do farming, for the best interest of child long term sustainability weaving business was established.  As their grandmother being too old to do other business. Our organization support her to do weaving business as per her interest and opinion. NL will help her to purchase all material (silk thread) From this business they can manage or generate income and fulfill the daily expenses of children’s needs.The weaving business is taking up gradually, the family are sustaining their basic need and education expenses from the business.

Children with disability run a shop

Thinley Namgay 16/M, Sonam Choki 11/F, Dechen Tshering 13/M, and Lhaba Tshering 15/M are siblings. As their parents couldn’t afford them all to educated, they send two brothers to monk and sister and Thinley Namgay being elder brother they let them continue with the education. But Thinley Namgay being physically disabled for two years because of an accident, he also couldn’t continue with his studies. Since they have to look after the basic needs of the family. They are really worried about their future f.or his medication and still, he is under medication. The Family has 2 children, elder one is physically disabled after meeting with an accident. The mother has to take him for a monthly check-up in Thimphu and sometimes no taxi fare to reach him also. They reside in age. The organization established small grocery and garment shops for the family to sustain themselves. The shop is in an ideal location and gaining good customers, in a day Thinley makes Nu. 1000-1800 which is sufficient for the family to sustain.