Our Objectives

Nazhoen Lamtoen, is the only CSO supporting children and youth in conflict with law and in difficult circumstances.

Children in Bhutan are increasingly subjected to abuse, neglect, and marginalization due to the lack of an social protection system for children in the country.

No after-care and post-release services exist for children who come in conflict with the law. As a result majority of the released youths and children repeat-offend and come back to the correctional facility carrying more sentences.

Our Criticle area of focuses

Children in conflict with law, post release after care services

Children in difficult circumstances

Parenting Program, educating and imparting good parenting skills

Provide shelter support for the sudden disadvantage childrens

  • Help effective reintegration into the society for children in conflict with law.
  • Encourage family and community to provide services to those in contact with, or affected by the criminal justice system.
  • Aftercare support for children and famlies in difficult circumstances.
  • Advocate and promote responsible behavior towards children who are re-integrated into the society.
  • Parenting program to parents and society at large.
  • Shelter support for children in difficult circumstances and children in conflict with law.