Small achievements along the way

Nazhoen Lamtoen with partnership with Mongar Dzongkhag established juice stall and cafeteria for the children and youth in difficult circumstances to generate employment.

This is one among the program initiated by Nazhoen Lamtoen to offer affordable youth reintegration and self employment opportunities for youth from difficult circumstances. Under this scheme, Nazhoen Lamtoen provides technical training for the youth to run the shop with ready set up of equipments and seed money to start the business. The shop shall be run and managed by group of youth and the income generated from the shop shall be used by the members for their sustenance and living. Each month, the group has to deposit a seed money of 20 % into their group account to secure their business. The group need not return or pay anything to Nazhoen Lamtoen, however, they have to sustain and expand their business to employ sizable number of youth in difficult circumstances in future.