The Nazhoen Lamtoen Team

The How and the Why

The concept of ‘Nazhoen Lamtoen’ germinated in the beginning of 2013 due to live encounters with many children and youths living in distressing situations who fell in the gaping cracks of many existing youth agencies – public, private and institutional.

Nazhoen Lamtoen envisages intervening in this gap in societal care with emphasis on post-released children from the juvenile (YDRC) Tsimasham and rehabilitation centre and other such orphaned and suddenly disadvantaged youths


Think Big. Act Bigger

Supporting Children

Our Organisation supports children in difficult circumstances to enable a brighter future for them.

Promoting Education

We advocate education for the children who find themselves in the grip of law or in difficult circumstances.


We believe in voicing our opinion for the children in need of reintegration into the society at large

Stabilizing Families

We help stabilize the families of children in difficult circumstances and in conflict with law.

The Mission

Transforming Children And Youth Through Reintegration

To advocate and serve children in difficult circumstances by providing timely intervention, empowerment and reintegration into communities

Our Vision

To be the nationally recognised CSO in Bhutan that advocates and serves the needs of children in difficult situation

Our Latest accomplishment

Together we make all the difference
Small achievements along the way

Small achievements along the way

Mongar Juice stall establishment for children in difficult circumstances-11th-Nov-2018

Power to the youth

Power to the youth

International Youth Day-11th & 12th August-2018

Successful Parenting Program

Successful Parenting Program

Parenting Program at Shaba Commando Wing's family on 19th January 2019

Workshop at YRDC

Workshop at YRDC

Basic script writing and film making workshop at children juvenile center(YDRC).

Happiness is contagious

Happiness is contagious

Engaging children and youth during winter vacation

Our Partners

We work in close collaboration and consultation with

Empowerment for reintegration


Children in conflict with law

Children released from YDRC are successfully reintegrated with their families and in their society resulting in decreased instances of repeat-offenses and sentencing.

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Children in difficult circumstances

Nazhoen Lamtoen came across many children in difficult circumstances, during the Nationwide sensitizing awareness on suicide prevention and ill effect of substance use, funded by Save the children.

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